The Marble

Marble from Adnet has characterized our community for thousands of years. Records from the 2nd century prove that already the Romans established stone-quarries here. There are so many sites which have been embellished with this reddish stone. Among those are e.g. the parliament hall of the Austrian parliament in Vienna as well as St. Mary’s column in Munich

Column hall of the Austrian parliament in Vienna. (Photo by Reinhold Embacher)

Columened Hall in the Austrian Parliament in Vienna (Photo: Reinhold Embacher)

In the golden age of marble quarrying here, approximately 15 quarries were actively being mined. There are only 5 left today, which can be explored along the Marble Trail.

Marble from Adnet is not actually marble in a true sense, but rather a kind of limestone. Its name stands for a long, historical tradition with which we would gladly acquaint you in our Adnet marble museum!