Association of Friends of the Adnet Marble Museum

Purpose of the association:

The purpose of this non-profit association is to promote knowledge about the formation, quarrying and working of Adnet marble as well as to present its historical importance for the community of Adnet. The association was founded in the year 1992 by Franz Kretschmer. Previous presidents of the association: Franz Kretschmer, Helmut Auer, Berthold Ziller.


Association officers since 2017:

  • Arnold Kretschmer, President
  • Walter Perschl, Vice-president
  • Ing. Herwig Breschar, Treasurer
  • Wolfgang Auer (mayor), Advisor
  • Mag. Helmuth Hickmann, Advisor

Single membership 10.00 Euros/year
Partner membership 15.00 Euros/year


You are most warmly welcome to become a member of the marble association! Your annual dues support the operation of the Marble Museum as well as the maintenance of the Marble Trail through the Adnet marble quarries.

Membership form (german)

Friends of the Adnet Marble Museum have free-of-charge admission to the following museums:

  • Adnet Marble Museum
  • Salzburg Museum of the New Residence
  • Panorama Museum
  • Toy Museum
  • Fortress Museum
  • Museum of Folk Culture
  • Cathedral Excavation Museum
  • Celtic Museum in Hallein
  • Silent Night Museum in Hallein


Admission discount:

  • Domquartier Salzburg